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About US


Antigua & Barbuda E-waste Management Center is a non-profit organization that is funded through "The GEF Small Grants Program (GEF SGP), implemented by UNDP", and is a collaboration of the Gray's Farm Fundamental Baptist Church, the Boys Training School and Computer Reset.

Computer Reset Computer & Academic Training Center has been offering free computer training, Computer & Network Support to the Boys Training School. In addition, some of the boys are on direct scholarship in our Building & Repairing, A+ Certification program, and some of the boys attend services at the Gray's Farm Fundamental Baptist Church- hence the collaboration.

The Plan

We will begin our campaign to educate the masses as to the danger and ills caused to society by the dumping of electronic waste with regular waste. We will set up our e-waste facility and invite the public to drop off their e-waste or call us to have us collect it from their location. The boys from the Boys Training School will work, helping with collecting and separating of the computer parts to have them ready to ship overseas.


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Global Environmental Fund (GEF) Small Grants

Programme (SGP)


GEF /SGP operated as a sub regional program that operated out of UNDP-Barbados. National offices are now set up in all the OECS Island. Antigua's office has been set up 18 months now. They work in the environmental areas of climate change, renewable energies, biodiversity, land degradation, chemicals and pollutants and international waters.

The projects, for only NGO's, are reviewed and approved by a local national steering committee. To date 14 projects approved. Churches are coming on board and are involved in development programs and projects.

The objective is for communities to find solutions to solve environmental projects that reduce poverty, increase income and employment and which builds up the capacities of the NGO's.
Persons can contact Ruth Spencer, who is the local director, through the Environment division.

Project Director:  Mr.  Winston Abrams

Project Coordinators:  Mr. Stephen Kirnon

                                            Ms.  Christine Young

Project Administrator:  Mrs. Daniela Abrams

Public Relations Officer:  Pastor Patmore Pamphile

Project Supervisor:  Mr.  Max Joseph

Consultants:  Dr.  Malvern P. Spencer (Ph.D)

                     Director of Analytical Services

                     Chairman, Pesticides & Toxic Chemicals Control Board


                     Mr.  Morrison Burns

                     Waste Division Manager, National Solid Waste Management Authority









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