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The Boys Training School

History, Present and Future


The Boys’ Training School was established over a century ago by the Government. The school was first situated close to the prison giving the public the idea that it was a junior prison for young criminals, and that residents were to be treated accordingly.

In 1960 the institution was moved to Gray’s Hill with an attempt to decriminalize the boys and introduce them to various skills/training that would make them productive citizens of our society.

The institution was again moved in 1978 to its present location, Comfort Hall, Willikies, under the auspices of The Ministry of Education. The Boys Training School is a rehabilitation institution for boys. It must be noted that for a boy to be admitted into the institution, he must be sent here by the Magistrate Court.

The role of the Boys Training School is to reform, educate, and train boys ten years and above but below eighteen. The responsibilities of the school are as follows :

1) To ensure that each boy is exposed to holistic curriculum catering for the spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and social development.

2)To provide for the medical and dental needs.

3)To ensure the best hygienic conditions for each child

4)To prepare them for facing the challenges of life in their role as parents and as healthy productive citizens of our country.


To rehabilitate the young men teaching them to use the power of their minds positively, by

focusing on self discipline, self esteem

and self control.




Our Mission is to develop young men with

active and creative minds, a sense of

understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child, spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional,

and physical.


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